With the trailblazing new Y10-S, the ride begins where the pavement ends. Beefed up to withstand tough terrain, the Y10-S features front and rear 800W motors Vacuum tires, disc brakes and a new gear ratio for high-torque trail riding, making it off-road-ready right out of the gate. Features a design motor with new gear ratio for high-torque trail use. Rear wheel hydraulic shock absorption design. New design turn signal functions. Joyor offers a great selection of high-end electric scooters! All of our electric scooters deliver an extraordinary experience in Safety, Riding and Quality!

Joyor Y-10 Electric Scooter



Battery Capacity: 22000mAh
Battery Voltage: 60V
Motor Type: 800W DC Brushless Motor
Travel Distance: 48.5 miles
Weight: 58.5 Lbs
Dimension (Upright): 47.2*21.6*46.8 inches
Dimension (Folded): 45.2*6.2*14.9 inches
Tire Type: 10” Vacuum Tires
Charging time: 10-12 hours
Max load: 265 Lbs
Speed Level Options: Three Speed (17.5 / 26.5 / 48.5 mph)
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Capacity: 22000mAh
Battery Voltage: 60V
Charging Time: Around 600-720 minutes
Motor Type: German Technology DC Brushless Motors
Motor Power: 800W
Travel Distance: 45.5-48.5 miles / 72-77.5 KM

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