“We bring the Scooter Store to you!”

Scooters Direct & E-bikes Key West is the newest and best way to buy a scooter in the Florida Keys! We give you the chance to have your very own brand new, stylish, quality scooter without breaking the bank! If you live in The Keys, and don’t have a 50cc scooter to drive around on, you are missing the boat!


Well to be honest, no one “needs” a scooter. That’s just a fact. What people DO need , however, is money, right? Well when you consider the following factoids, you will see how a scooter can in fact put money in your pocket. A fun investment that pays for itself and then some. Now THAT is something we all need! lol

1. Our 50cc scooters get 100+ miles per gallon. Even when you have to “fill er up” its only $3.50

2. Our 50cc scooters go between 35 and 40 miles per hour. While we do not recommend driving them up to Miami, they are beyond perfect for scootin’ around town, you CAN’T speed! Your chances of a speeding ticket, in this ridiculous speed limit changing all the time area we live in, drops profusely which inevitably saves you money

3. Our 50cc scooters do not require insurance or any type of certification on your license.

4. As opposed to a used, often old rental scooter off Craigslist ( god only knows what the history is) our scooters come with a 2 year warranty as well as 1 year free scheduled maintenance. We stand behind what we sell and will stand behind what you buy. (please always check before going in reverse)

5. We will deliver any of our scooters to you anywhere from Key West to Key Largo.

Because we are a direct sales company, we don’t have a traditional “dealership” or “sales lot”. What this means for you is that combined with our direct relationship with the manufacturer, we have cut out almost every “middle man”. This creates incredible savings for us, which we in turn pass on to you. Our factory direct pricing is All Inclusive! no extra “add-ons” or “inspection/delivery” fees. None of that nonsense. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Our price listed is the price. It includes shipping, delivery, assembly, inspection and a free tank of gas to boot. The good stuff too, not that 87 octane nonsense.

The more B.S. you have to deal with, the longer its gonna be until you can get back out on the water. We recognize that and have eliminated it all.(the BS not the water)

When you buy a scooter from Scooters Direct & E-bikes Key West, you are NOT getting your average, run of the mill, Chinese mass market bike that everyone else has. NO! When you buy a scooter from Scooters Direct & E-bikes Key West, and our partner Bintelli, you are getting a sweet ride that combines unique styling with high end, quality parts. Bintelli scooters feature Duro tires, NGK spark plugs, Gates belts, Halogen lights, etc etc. Once you take a ride on a Bintelli, you will truly “experience the difference”

SO, give us a chance, take a look at our scooters, check out the specs. They are all available in different colors too. Find one you like? go ahead and let us know by clicking the button. When you are done, simply fill out the contact page, call us, text us, email us, throw a rock through our window, however you prefer. We will set up a time with you and bring our scooters directly to you. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave the house to get hooked up with one of our sweet rides. We stop by, you can test ride it, kick the tires (not too hard please), show the family, make sure the color matches your favorite scarf, whatever you want. If we can make a love connection, then we can do a little paper work and you are then the proud owner of a bouncing baby scooter to raise and nurture as you see fit all by yourself. If not, if the spark isn’t there (new spark plug so doubtful), if you just are not feeling that a long term relationship is looking like its gonna happen? no problem. Will will gladly be on our way and try again another time with a different scooter perhaps. At no time will we stand outside your house with a boom box blaring “Say Anything” while trying to hold on to what could have been. We accept the fact that somethings just aren’t meant to be. With that said, Thank you for visiting us today. We hope you see something you like. If not, if you are looking for something specific (i.e. a specific used model ) leave us a comment on the contact page. We have a lot of sources throughout the state and can usually fine things pretty easy.


We often have used scooters available too that have undergone our 10 point safety and reliability inspection. Call for current availability.


Wishing you a Rootin’… Tootin’… Good Time Scootin’!!


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